Solutions for sustainability

In life, nothing is to be feared, everything is to be understood.
Marie Curie

Solutions for sustainability

+ Forestry & Agriculture

Preserving and developing forest areas is essential to foster a sustainable future for upcoming generations.

Tesselo offers near real-time and country-scale mapping solutions, which can classify tree species, measure and predict forest growth, monitor plantation harvests, detect pests, and estimate the risk or impact of forest fires and other natural disasters.

Solutions for sustainability

+ Infrastructure & Cities

Climate change is a rising concern, and infrastructure and urban areas are increasingly exposed to environmental hazards.

Tesselo’s intelligent mapping technology provides smart imagery, which helps evaluate risk levels and mitigate exposure to environmental threats. The mapping layers have the ability to flag and expose dynamic phenomena in near real time, from growing vegetation contacts with powerlines to the impact of a forest fire on local habitat, within hours of its occurrence.

Solutions for sustainability

+ Insurance & Certification

Tesselo’s mapping technology models environmental exposure to one or more given factors, and converts them into risk scoring.

These solutions help businesses develop adequate responses to natural hazards and timely estimate damage after a disaster. Tesselo also contributes to boosting compliance rates with local environmental regulations and labels. For example, Tesselo monitors pepper production in South America to ensure that pepper fields are not issued from deforestation.