Spatial insights as a Service

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Spatial insights as a service

+ Composite Imagery

Tesselo generates crystal clear composite imagery with cloud free 13 bands technology.

*Imagery ready for analysis*

Our platform automatically absorbs, cleans, processes and augments Satellite imagery from ESA Corpernicus Sentinel 2 to create cloud-free, atmospherically corrected, 13 bands, analysis-ready imagery.

Spatial layers can be generated at any scale, leveraging historical data from up to 3 years back.

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Spatial insights as a service

+ Land Cover

Quickly run a land cover classification and measure incremental changes over a given time period. Land cover imagery can assist in detecting tree species, habitat and infrastructure in a dynamic environment.

Contact us to customize your land cover classes.

*Automatic land cover*
We can create tailor made land covers or risk models that address a specific need. Tesselo can create an intelligent layer that flags the concentration of vegetable fuel or water levels in a given area.

Spatial insights as a service

+ Specialized layers

Run Tesselo’s deep-learning time-aware classification models on areas of any size.

*AI powered business insight*
We design tailor-made smart layers, which can be applied to a broad range of industries such as forestry, insurances, energy and urban planning.