So, what does
Tesselo do?

We solve your business problems and make the planet more sustainable.

How do you do that?
We augment satellite imagery using artificial intelligence and environmental expertise.

Can you monitor my cotton fields for instance?

I'll need an update every month.
And 2 years of historic trends. Possible?


I'd like to compare with others plantations.
Can you do the whole country?


Can you do all Asia? Earth? Mars?
Yes. Yes. And Not Yet.

Can you send me the results in a spreadsheet?
Yes. We also have an app and an API.

Can you solve all and every environmental problem?
No. But if fixing your problem makes the planet greener, we'll try hard to solve it.

What about fire and flood risk, can you map that?

Do you do other stuff than cotton?
Yes. If it grows and we can see it from space, we do.

Great, where do we start?
Please fill the form below


Lisbon - EU