Make your business smarter and greener using tesselo’s ai driven satellite mapping

TESSELO augments satellite imagery with artificial intelligence and sectorial expertise to improve your business’ monitoring capability and to solve your environmental challenges.


Solutions for sustainability

Tesselo offers near real-time, country-wide mapping solutions applicable to a broad spectrum of industries and challenges.

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Preserving and developing forest areas is essential to foster a sustainable future for upcoming generations.

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Climate change is a rising concern, and infrastructure and urban areas are increasingly exposed to environmental hazards.

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Tesselo’s mapping technology models environmental exposure to one or more given factors, and converts them into risk scoring.

Spatial insights as a service

Connect to Tesselo’s platform or API to receive useful mapping layers using near real-time data.

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Tesselo generates crystal clear composite imagery with cloud free 13 bands technology.

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Quickly run a land cover classification and measure incremental changes over a given time period. Land cover imagery can assist in detecting tree species, habitat and infrastructure in a dynamic environment.

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Run Tesselo’s deep-learning time-aware classification models on areas of any size

Tesselo generates near real-time intelligent satellite imagery to help you understand your business’ environmental challenges.

We monitor incremental imagery changes over time, allowing you to identify patterns, exposure and risk factors.